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Heat-demand calculator

Calculate your required heat demand for selecting the appropriate heater. Heat demand calculator with suggested values for room temperature, outside temperature, K-value and air exchange.
Please note that the calculated heat demand (kW) is only a guideline!
Suggested values for room temperature:
15°C in halls
12°C in case of severe physical activity
17°C with predominantly non-seated activity
19°C with predominantly sitting activity
Suggested values for outside temperature:
-10°C to -12°C in northern Germany
-14°C to -16°C in southern Germany
Suggested values for K value:
0,6 for well insulated objects
1,0 for normally isolated objects
2,0 for poorly isolated objects
3,5 for non-isolated objects
6,5 for objects made from single foil
Suggested values for air exchange:
0,5 to 1,0 for closed halls
2,0 for halls with increased ventilation through doors and windows
3,0 for halls with large gates (car hall, warehouse ...)

Calculated heat demand   [kW]