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Virus air cleaner

Filter against viruses

Why should air cleaner be used?Virus

Viruses and germs are not only found on surfaces, but also in the air, especially indoors.

An air cleaner reduces the concentration of viruses and germs and of course other pollutants such as dust, pollen and allergens that are present in indoor air. In this way, they can also help to significantly reduce the concentration of, for example the current corona virus in the indoor air.

It makes sense to use an air cleaner with HEPA 14 filters for viruses and germs. These have a degree of permeability of 0.005% and should be used to remove pollutants from the air, especially in highly frequented areas such as waiting rooms in medical practices, offices, schools, canteens or production plants. Air cleaner with HEPA 14 filters are also used in hospitals or laboratories

Effect of filters against viruses

Viren Luftreinigung

Viruses have a size of 0.05 µm to 0.12 µm and in the area of transmission via the airway, i.e. droplets and aerosol, they are combined with other particles, such as saliva or suspended matter and form so-called conglomerates. These are also called germs and usually have a size between 0.4 µm and 0.5 µm. Influenza viruses usually have a size between 0.08 µm and 0.12 µm. According to the current state of scientific knowledge, the SARS-CoV-2 (corona virus) is somewhat larger at a maximum of 0.160 µm.

In principle, the suitability of filters for virus applications begins with class H 13 and the more reliable separation of germs (conglomerates) is achieved by using at least H 14 filters. These have a separation efficiency of 99.995 %, with a test particle size of 0.3 - 0.5 µm, which is 10 times higher than that of H 13 filters. Also hospitals and laboratories commonly use this filter class. Therefore, our devices (PF 1000, PF 1400, PF 3500) with an H 13 or H 14 filter are able to reduce the amount of germs in the air considerably and thus also reduce the risk of infection.

This makes our corresponding systems for air cleaning very effective and a useful addition to the usual disinfection measures.

Mode of action of H 14 filters and their effectiveness with regard to the corona virus

Air that we breathe out can contain viruses. Just as influenza viruses are detectable, SARS-CoV-2 is also detectable in the exhaled air of an infected person. Viruses such as influenza (with a size of 120 nm) and SARS-CoV-2 (with a maximum size of 160 nm) do not move around in the air in isolation, but are enclosed in larger droplets. They therefore move in the form of an aerosol. When breathing, every human being emits tiny droplets (of a size of 1 µm). Each breath can contain 1,000 to 50,000 droplets. When coughing, the droplets are ten times larger (over 10 µm). Thus, a filter is able to eliminate over 90% of the suspended particles*.

The HEPA filter H 14

The HEPA filter of class H 14, tested according to DIN EN 1822, are used in medical areas such as intensive care units and laboratories as well as in clean rooms. The choice of filter class depends on the particular application.

 filter class
E 10
E 11
E 12
H 13
H 14
Separation efficiency
> 85 %
> 95 %
> 99,5 %
> 99,95 %
> 99,995 %
Separation efficiency
> 99,75 %
> 99,975 %


Especially for non-professional applications (e.g. vacuum cleaners), there is a wide range of filters on offer that bear the designation HEPA in their name but do not guarantee the mentioned specifications of the EN-standards. For this reason, it should be checked carefully before each use whether these are certified H 13 or H 14 filters. Test certificates of individual tests are available for these filters. Please contact your supplier.

Conclusion: If we assume that the corona viruses in the air are enclosed in droplets, and these have a size of 1 to 10 µm, H 13 and even better H 14 filters can significantly reduce the virus concentration in closed rooms and contain the risk of infection.

The HEYLO virus air cleaner ensure clean room air and a healthy working environment.

Find the right air cleaner against viruses and bacteria quickly and easily.

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HEYLO air cleaner in the fight against viruses and bacteria

Virus protection package SET070

Virus protection package 
| HEYLO article number SET070

consisting of:

1 x air cleaner PowerFilter 1400
1 x pre-filter dust class G4
1 x HEPA filter class H 14
1 x disposal bag for filter



(*Source: https://www.lungenaerzte-im-netz.de/krankheiten/covid-19/was-ist-covid-19/)