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Radial ventilator TurboVent 2000 / 2000 PRO

Radialventilator Turbovent2000The sensation in the field of drying out buildings: With an especially effective air movement technology, the TurboVent 2000 achieves extremely short drying times. Thus, walls, ceilings, stairs or halls are dried extremely fast. A unique air nozzle concept accelerates drying of surfaces many times over, and thus increases the drying efficiency and reduces the power consumption.

The unique air nozzle concept of TurboVent 2000 ensures that most of the exiting air touches the floor at high speed - after all speed and floor contact is trump for efficiency and power consumption in surface drying ! Thus, it offers more power per unit volume. The patented airflow leads to considerably more efficiency than in conventional floor dryers.

The compact and intelligent structural shape offer numerous advantages. Various device settings permit flexible use. TurboVent 2000 can be used in various horizontal and vertical positions. In this way it can fulfil two functions at the same time: Floors, walls and ceilings dry quickly.

TV 2000 can be stored in very little space and can be transported easily. And the intelligent cable winder takes care of the cable after work quickly and easily.

TurboVent 2000 PRO has been fitted with an energy meter and a practical stand in addition.


  •  compact, light, stackable
  •  extremely quick & effective
  •  four drying positions
  •  very low power consumption
  •  energy meter & stand (TV 2000 PRO)


Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate max.(cum/h)
Useful air volume lfow (NLV) (m³/h)
Compression (Pa)
Electric Connection (V/z)
Power consumption max.(kW)
Current consumption (A)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume (dB(A))
1110817 / 1110818 (PRO)
229 / 457 / 610