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Axial ventilator PowerVent 1500 Z1

  • Ventilator for tank ventilation in potentially explosive areas with an air output of 1,162 m² / h.
  • Installation only in zone 3.
  • Strong pressure.
  • Easy to set up and quick transportable.
  • Light-weight and compact.
  • Only approved with Z1 hose canister.
  • Hose connection by means of a hose container (optional).


The combination of ventilator and earthed hose canister is suitable in particular for the ventilation of explosive areas, such as filling stations, fuel depots and filling bodies. In case of repair work in particular on manhole pits, this unit can be used to replace explosive gases by fresh air quickly.

The housing and motor sealing is in keeping with the high protection class IP44 and offers an effective protection against dust and water.

Erection of Compact 1500 Z1 in explosive areas:

  • Installation conditions and different hazardous areas have to be observed.
  • The ventilator must be operated in zone 3 only.
  • The hose of the hose canister be passed through zone 2 into zone 1.


Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate max.(cum/h) of each stage
Compression (Pa)
Electric Connection (V/z)
Power consumption max.(kW)
Current consumption (A)
Length / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume (dB(A))
Protection class
Hose (diam. in mm)
230 / 50
350 / 310 / 380