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EX-proof ventilators

The explosion-protected HEYLO transport ventilators ComPact 1500 EX and PowerVent 4200 EX draw off dangerous gases safely and quickly. The robust plastic housing passes voltage into the floor and thus prevents static charges and for this reason dangerous sparking. The housing and motor sealing is in keeping with the high protection class IP 55 and offers an effective protection against dust and water. Anti-static hoses ensure safe operation. A practical hose can with anti-static hose is available for ComPact 1500 EX.

HEYLO ventilators with ATEX approval may be operated in zone 1.
Zone 1 is an area, in which dangerous explosive atmosphere may develop occasionally in normal operation as a mixture of air and combustible gases, vapours and fogs. The devices have been approved for substance group IIB.
A typical gas of group IIB is ethylene with an ignition energy of 60 to 180 mJ.

In case of cleaning fuel, oil and gas tanks as well as in case of repair and maintenance work in manhole pits at petrol stations, it is necessary to remove explosive and harmful atmospheres by technical ventilation. In case of these activities, it is imperative to avoid gases, vapours and fogs in injurious concentrations, explosive atmospheres as well as oxygen deficiency.

Material specifications defined in the German Quality and Inspection Regulations of “Tank Protection RAL-RG 977”:
In specialist companies, one to two ex-proofed ventilators with an air flow rate of at least 1,000 cum/h are required for work in explosive areas and pits.

General specifications defined by the German Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances TRGS 507:
Technical ventilation is required up to the lower explosion limit with an air exchange rate of 10 times.



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