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Axial ventilator PowerVent 4000-e

Axialventilator PowerVent4000PowerVent 4000-e - the easy-to-handle ventilator for extreme conditions in industry, shipbuilding and in municipal sectors.

The mobile, very well portable high-performance ventilator PowerVent 4000-e is suitable for aeration in various fields of application. To be used in sewer and pipe systems, well shafts, accessible tanks, tank and cauldron cleaning, workshops, coating workshops, shipyards and shipbuilding, treatment plants, waterworks, foundries, smelting furnaces, EDP and server rooms, et cetera.

The ventilator is very powerful and has the highest air flow rate of its class with 60 per cent less energy consumption than comparable ventilators. It is stackable and easy-to-transport. At 50 Hz, hoses of up to 38 m of length can be connected with a quick hose connection on the blowing and suction side (at 60 Hz the connection of up to 136.8 m is possible).


  • highest air flow rate (NLV*) of its class in the work area
  • 60 per cent less energy consumption **
  • Operation is possible also at 60 Hertz
  • encapsulated high-performance motor with high IP class (44) for maximum protection against splash water and dust
  • softest ventilator in its class (69 dB(A))
  • including operating hours counter
  • Housing made of special plastic, hardly inflammable
  • Very easy to maintain

 * useful air volume flow (NLV): Air volume flow in cum/h measured in work area.
    Work area: 250 Pa counter-pressure or hose length of approx. 38 metres
**effective power comparison calculated at kW / NLV; in measurement comparison with ventilators similar in design

Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate max.(cum/h) of each stage
Useful air volume flow (NLV) (m³/h) at 250 Pa
Compression (Pa) (50 Hz)
Electric Connection (V/z)
Power consumption max.(kW)
Current consumption (A)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume (dB(A))
Hose (diam. in mm)
Hose length max. (m)
230/50   230/60
530 / 400 / 520