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Axial ventilator PowerVent 3000

  • Ventilator with an air flow rate of 3,102 m³/h.
  • Very powerful motor.
  • Ventilation by a total of up to 38 m of hoses on the outlet side.
  • Practically stackable for space-saving storage.
  • Low weight.
  • Dust extraction by means of 3 m long dust bag of M class is possible.



The PowerVent 3000 axial ventilator moves air powerfully whereby the venting and drying process is accelerated into the most hidden corner.

At 17,5 kg only the unit can be transported without any problems. As hoses of up to 45 m in length can be connected to the PowerVent 3000, fresh air can be transported into the most remote rooms and stale air can be drawn off. The air can be passed on even more purposefully by means of a practical triple distributor.

Can also be combined in many ways for air cleaning and as a dust protection system. For more information, see:


Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate max.(cum/h) of each stage
Useful air volume flow (NLV*) (m³/h)
Compression (Pa)
Electric Connection (V/z)
Power consumption max.(kW)
Current consumption (A)
Lentgth / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume (dB(A))
Protection class (IP)
Hose (diam. in mm)
Hose length max. (m)
230 / 50
520 / 400 / 530

  * Useful air volume flow (NLV): Air volume flow in cum/h measured in work area. Work area: 250 Pa counter-pressure or hose length of approx. 38 metres.