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Axial ventilator PowerVent 1500

  • Ventilator with an air flow rate of 1.162 m³/h.
  • Light weight - low noise - compact.
  • High compression.
  • Dust bag of M class can be fitted.
  • Easy hose connected by means of hose container (optional).



The PowerVent 1500 is the ideal working instrument for modern craftsmen and service providers - for ventilation when working in shafts, for drying of hollow spaces after water damage or for extraction during welding work in tanks.

The complete ventilator is set up quickly; the hose is connected to the outlet or inlet quickly; and after the work, everything is safely packed away again. 

The hose canister CPC ensures fast fitting and removing as well as safe transport and storage of the hose - and thus ensures high savings of working time and material. It contains 7.6 m of hose and is quickly connected - no matter whether it is to inlet or outlet side of PowerVent 1500.

For dust extraction, a dust bag of the M class can be connected.

Also available as an explosion proof ventilator: ComPact 1500 EX

Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate max.(cum/h) of each stage
Useful air volume flow (NLV*) (m³/h)
Compression (Pa)
Electric Connection (V/z)
Power consumption max.(kW)
Current consumption (A)
Length / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume (dB(A))
Protection class (IP)
Hose (diam. in mm)
recommended hose lengths of 7.6 m
230 / 50
380 / 310 / 350

  * Useful air volume flow (NLV): Air volume flow in cum/h measured in work area. Work area: 250 Pa counter-pressure or hose length of approx. 38 metres.