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Protimeter MMS 2 floor layer kit

  • Humidity measuring system complete set.
  • Measuring device MMS 2 floor layer kit in a robust plastic case.
  • Fast and precise moisture determination.
  • Equilibrium moisture measurements in the soil with MMS 2 and moisture pods.
  • Height-adjustable humidity sensor.

The floor layer kit of Protimeter permits a quick assessment of the humidity condition in concrete floors as well as screeds as well as the precise measurement of the equilibrium or balance humidity (ERH) in conformity with the pertinent VOB regulations.

In capacitive search mode, the humidity measurement system MMS 2 can be used first of all for quick pre-selection of the component surface by holding the sensor to the material.


Equilibrium moisture content measurement in the floor with MMS 2 and moisture tubes

In the areas of most moisture, a precise measurement of the equilibrium moisture content should be carried out subsequently. For this purpose, height-adjustable moisture tubes are placed in the material, which can be fitted with the newly developed mini hygrostick moisture meters. The air humidity value measured in the material reveals the content of excessive water in the material. Air humidity of more than 80 per cent indicates clearly the necessity of additional drying. In case of values of below 75 per cent, the button is ready for covering as a rule. In case of values of below 75 per cent, measured for 24 hours, the button is ready for covering as a rule. In this respect, please observe the laying guidelines of the covering and screed manufacture and the respectively applicable set of rules and standards.

Advantage of the new humidity sensors: Closed air-tight and protected by a cap, they can remain in the tube until the next measurement. Thus, there are no long waiting times any for follow-up measurements as the sensor has already “acclimatised”.

In order to be able to use the moisture tube, the right borehole diameter is drilled into the floor. A suitable concrete drill with depth stop is enclosed in the floor layer kit.

The moisture tubes are adjustable in length so tat the measurement can be carried out exclusively in the requested depth.

Between measurements, the tube is closed air-tight with cap. The moisture sensor can remain in the material and is protected.

In order to read the values measured, the MMS 2 is connected to the moisture sensor by means of an extension. In case of repeat measurements, the values can read without a long waiting period.

By means of a lifting tool, the sensor is removed from the tube subsequently before the borehole is closed.

The user can check the calibration of the moisture sensor himself or herself using the bottle enclosed including the salt solution. If and when required, the consumed sensor can be replaced in an instant.

Floor layer kit MMS 2 contains:

  • Moisture measuring system MMS 2
  • short-quickstick moisture sensor
  • testing resistor
  • set of 5 mini hygrostick moisture sensors with NIST calibration certificate
  • 20 height-adjustable measuring tubes
  • mini hygrostick lifting tool
  • concrete drill approx. 19 mm (3/4 inch)
  • drilling depth stop
  • Allen key 4 mm (5/32 inch)
  • round brush for drilling hole
  • mini hygrostick extension cable
  • calibration set with salt solution
  • software + USB cable


Technical data
Article No.
Resistance measurement (% WME)
Capacitive measurement (HF sensor)
Measuring depth (HF sensor) (mm)
Measuring range air humidity (% rH)
Measuring range air temperature (deg. C)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (g)
 8 - 100
 60 - 999
0 - 100
-10 to +50
190 / 94 / 60