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Protimeter MMS 2

moisturemeasuringdevice ProtimeterMMS2The completely new developed MMS2 combines the latest protimeter technology in an intuitive, robust and completely functional design.

Whether in building works diagnosis, in water damage restoration or in the documentation of room climate processes, the MMS2 offers perfect solutions for many fields of use.

The material moisture values in addition with a three-colour bar are displayed easyto- understand on the large LCD. 


  • resistance measuring process for wood and building moisture
  • non-invasive high-frequency measurement for wood and building moisture
  • measurement of relative humidity and temperature with short response time
  • contactless IR temperature measurement with match of dew-point temperature
  • shock-sensitive plastic housing for single-hand operation
  • practical accessories, such as depth measuring probe, software (compatible to Windows 7 / driver for Windows 8 upon request), et cetera

    MMS 2 - the humidity measuring system 4-in-1

For building surveys, repair after water damage, measuring of indoor climate and documentation of psychrometer values - always when precise ambient measurement values have to be passed on, MMS 2 does the work.


(pin mode) diagnoses how far moisture has penetrated and is used for damage assessment and monitoring of drying in building structures.


(non-invasive mode) behind ceramic tiles, high-quality floors, water stains, vinyl flooring, wood, dry walls, plaster, masonry, concrete and concrete blocks.


measures and monitors the correct ventilation of buildings which may influence the air quality indoors as well as moisture problems.

Surface Temperature

(IR) uses a laser pointer to test the surface temperature and calculates the difference to the dew point.

Included in delivery:

  • Soft case
  • Depth gauge 140 mm
  • Large measuring pin head
  • Humidity sensor Hygrostick
  • Humidity sensor Short Quikstick
  • Extension cable for Quik or Hygrostick
  • Software and data cable
  • Test resistance


    • simple handling, logical menu navigation
    • complete moisture diagnosis with 1 unit
    • hygrometer with short reaction time
    •  no connection of other accessory parts required
    •  psychrometric calculations (g/kg, KJ/kg, kPA)
    • immediate comparison with reference value in display


Technical data
Article No.
Resistance measurement (% WME)
Capacitive measurement (HF sensor)
Measuring depth (HF sensor) (mm)
Measuring range air humidity (% rH)
Measuring range air temperature (deg. C)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (g)
 8 - 100
 60 - 999
0 - 100
-10 to +50
190 / 94 / 60