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Protimeter Digital Mini

  • Handy wood and building moisture meter.
  • For a quick determination of the moisture content of various building materials such as B. masonry, dry stone walls, plaster and concrete.
  • Depth measuring probes and hammer electrodes optionally available.

The handy wood and building moisture measuring unit operate according to the conductivity process. By a three-colour LED strip, the moisture penetration is indicated very descriptively. The green area displays the dry air condition, the yellow area indicates slightly increased moisture. When the red LEDs light up, an excessive moisture is indicated. For measurements in badly accessible positions, a large pin measuring head with cable has been enclosed.

The range of application of the Mini can be extended by optional depth measuring probes (140 to 360 mm) and hammer electrodes.

Measuring range - wood: 6 – 28 %, wood moisture equivalent (HFÄ): 7,9 - 99 %

Included in delivery:

  •  spare needles
  •  small measuring pin head
  •  test resistance
  •  table for 98 types of wood
  •  bag


Technical data
Article No.
Resistance measurement (% WME)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (g)
7,9 - 99
190 / 70 / 49