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Protimeter Balemaster

  • Digital moisture meter for hay and straw bales.
  • Solid, robust moisture probe made of stainless steel.
  • Easy to read LCD digital display.
  • Colored LED scale indicates humidity conditions.
  • Acoustic signal.
  • Measuring range: 8.5 % - 36.8 %.


This digital hand-held equipment is a moisture measuring system to determine the relative humidity in straw and hay bales. As an agricultural humidity metre, the unit has a number of sensible functions.

The unit comes with a sensing element made of strong resistant stainless steel which can be pushed into the middle of the big bales even on account of a length of 600 mm.

The value measured is indicated on a large LCD display.

Included in delivery:

  •  depth gauge (600 mm)
  •  bag


Technical data
Article No.
Resistance measurement (% HFÄ WME)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (g)
8,5 - 40 % H²O
175 / 48 / 50