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Drain dye


  • Tracer dye for building diagnostics and leak detection.
  • Water-soluble powder.
  • For course and leak detection in drains and sewage systems.
  • To find leaks.

In case of pipe bursts, the search for leaks is carried out with inks. This is a simple and safe method in order to detect leaks in sewage systems. HEYLO offers five intensive luminescent tracing substances used for course and leak search in drains and sewage systems which can be applied to flat roofs and terrace drains.

The drain dyes green, blue, yellow and red are visible optically without any auxiliary means. They are dissolved in the water in the area to be tested, and thus the water course is made visible. The drain dye fluorescein / uranin is most clearly visible under infrared and ultraviolet light.

Application: The tracer dye is dissolved in water (1 teaspoon color for 10 liters of water). A lower or stronger color intensity can be individually altered by more or less dye.


Drain dye - fluoresceinLecksuchfarbe Fluoreszin
Content: 227 g tin
Article-No. 1 800 501

Drain dye - redLecksuchfarbe Rot
Content: 227 g tin
Article-No. 1 800 502

Drain dye - greenLecksuchfarbe Gruen
Content: 227 g tin
Article-No. 1 800 503

Drain dye - blueLecksuchfarbe Blau
Content: 227 g tin
Article-No. 1 800 504

Drain dye - yellowLecksuchfarbe Gelb
Content: 227 g tin
Article-No. 1 800 505



| UV lampUV Lampe Lecksuchfarbe


  • Flashlight with 51 UV LEDs for the detection of fluorescent drain dye.
  • With hand strap.
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (ø x L): 57 x 149 mm
  • Weight: 213 g (without batteries)
  • Article-No. 1 800 506

Handy, battery-operated UV flashlight with black light. 3 x AA batteries required (not included).