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Oil heater K 160 R portable heater

  • high air flow rate and compression from powerful, compact radial ventilator
  • quiet ventilators − benefit when used at night near residential areas
  • compact devices − despite the module sizes
  • optimised high-quality steel burning chamber / heat exchanger unit
  • especially suitable for operation with long hose length operationally safe and easy to maintain overhead ISK® burner
  • possible to connect a maximum of 9 duct lengths (approx. 70 m)
  • extensive accessories and flexible handling for custom deploymen


High efficiency and easy handling: the oil heater K 160 R. Extremely powerful due to maximum compression.

If warm air has to cover long distances in a set of hoses to the heater at building sites or events, the radial fan offers an efficient air flow rate. The K120 R oil heater combines the proven heating technology with a powerful radial fan for maximum compression. The radial modules are extremely powerful and especially suitable to pass the air through the long hoses, hose combinations or ceiling tubes without loss.

Moreover, the ventilators are very quiet - which is a major advantage in night operation near residential areas. Despite the construction size of the modules, the devices are as narrow and compact as the axial systems and have a more compact device size than comparable products. All ventilators are in keeping with the current efficiency standard ERP 2015.

Many accessories and flexible handling ensure individualised application. During the building phase or restoration, but also in workshops, garages or other large areas, the compact thermal power stations supply warm air. They are also part and parcel of a professional event. Depending on the quantity, HEYLO supplies all devices in the requested colour. Especially in the event field, white devices are requested, for example.


Technical data
Article No.
Rated heat output (kW)
Nominal heat output (kW)
Air flow rate (cum/h)
Available stat.compression max. (Pa)
Volume (dB(A))
Fuel consumption oil max. (kg/h)
Electric Connection (V/Hz)
Power consumption max. (A)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Exhaust pipe (diam.mm)
Exhaust connector (diam. mm)