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Electric warmwater heater EW 18-e

  • Mobile electric warmwater heating up to 18 kW with individually adjustable heating program.
  • Compact and quick to use.
  • Quickly ready for operation thanks to a direct connection to the building's pipeline network.
  • Very service-friendly thanks to direct access to the heating elements. Uncomplicated and inexpensive replacement of all electrical components.
  • Data logger function.
  • Automatic venting.
  • Automatic network detection.
  • With digital display.



HEYLO electric warmwater heaters are completely functional mobile electric heating systems consisting of a heating unit with three stainless steel electric heating rods, a highly efficient pump with automatic ventilation function, an expansion tank, temperature and pressure indicator, an automatic ventilation valve, safety valve and STB as well as a programmable control.

The mobile electric warmwater heater EW 18-e is compact and quickly usable as all components, such as pump, expansion tank, controls, etcetera, are integrated. A direct access to the heating elements and the uncomplicated as well as inexpensive replacement of all electric components make servicing and repair especially easy.

On account of the direct connection with the pipe network (heating system) of the building, the EW 18-e can be set up at every location and can be used within a very short time.

The EW 18-e has a special screed heating programme in keeping with DIN EN 12100-1 for readiness for covering and function heating, and thus is used primarily for heating screen surfaces. The individual programme setting has to be emphasized: the screed programme can be adapted to the laying guidelines of the covering and screed manufacturer. Please observe: In screed heating, at least 100 W/sqm of output is required in general. The heatable screed size may vary depending on the outside temperature.

Fields of application:

Application during heating failure
Heating boiler operation (20 to 80 deg. C), in case of boiler replacement, heating failure, for example.
Frost protection
Functional heating (DIN EN 12100-1 (20 to 50 deg. C)), in case of testing new boiler systems, for example.
screed drying: ready-for-laying heating in conformity with German standard DIN 1264-4 (20 to 50 deg. C) (fixed parameters) / individual ready-for-laying heating for specific requirements of the covering manufacturer, parameters freely selectable.

Technical data
Article No.
Heat output (kW)
Electric Connection (V/Hz)
Electrical protection (A)
Heating operation (deg. C)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume at max. speed of rotation (dB (A))
Current consumption (A)
Electrical protection max. (A)
3 / 9 / 18
230 / 50 or 400 / 50
16 or 32
20 - 80
1010 / 610 / 590



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