Electric heater DE 30

Electricheater DE 30HEYLO electrical Heater DE ensures quick and clean warmth on building sites, in industry, at events and at many other opportunities - the first choice for professional rental companies.

This unique HEYLO spiral heating element produces uniform and pleasant warmth for man and material.

On account of its low weight and its compact dimensions, the electrical heater DE is easy to transport and quickly stowed away. In addition, the splash-proof switch box ensures high operational safety.


  •  spiral heating element for quick and even heat
  •  three-stage controllable heat output
  •  separate ventilation function (drying process)
  •  60 Hz operation possible
  •  safety thermostat: Automatic shutdown in case of more than 100 deg. C in hose
  •  fault indicator upon STB release


Technical data
Article No.
Nominal heat output (kW)
Air flow rate (cum/h)
Electric Connection (V/Hz)
Power consumption max. (A)
Electrical protection (A)
Length / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Temperature increase at max. heat output Δt(K)
Volume (dB(A))
9 / 18 / 27
400/50  400/60
13 / 26 / 39
570 / 414 / 482