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Electric heater DE 20 SH

  • Electric heater 18 kW for high blow-out temperature up to 120 deg. C
  • Speed regulation of the fan.
  • Safety thermostat: Automatic shutdown in case of more than 140 deg. C in hose.
  • Spiral heating element for quick and even heat.
  • Very high temperature increase (Delta T).
  • Operating hours counter.
  • Stackable and very soft operation.
  • Suitable for hose operation with high temperature hoses.
  • Connection of a room thermostat possible (optional).


HEYLO DE 20 SH is a special heater which is used always where high temperatures are required, such as to disinfect buildings, for pest control,tempering (hardening) of plastic and plastic coating, drying of containers or for process-heat generation in industry.

The light-weight, well transportable heater can be fitted with a 5 m hightemperature warm air hose to be able to use the heat even more targeted.

The special feature of the DE 20 SH is the speed regulation of the ventilator. This can be used to continuously select the air volume. Thus, even at a lower suction temperature a high blow-out temperature of 120 deg. C may be produced by reducing the air volume. At over 140 deg. C the electric power is reduced automatically in order to prevent damage to the hose.

Tempering: Glass-fibre composite materials are made with epoxide resin, and have to be heated to temperatures of approx. 75 deg. C for hardening. The special heater DE 20 SH is especially suitable for uniform and high temperatures.


Technical data
Article No.
Nominal heat output (kW)
Air flow rate (cum/h)
Electric Connection (V/Hz)
Power consumption max. (A)
Electrical protection (A)
Length / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Temperature increase at max. heat output Δt (K)
Volume (dB(A))
400 / 50  400 / 60
730 / 414 / 482