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Construction heating - Heaters for construction sites

Modern combined heat and power plants and mobile construction heating systems are now part of the fixed equipment in the trade, industry and event sector. Compact combined heat and power plants supply warm air for every occasion. Whether winter construction heating, central heating or tent heating at an event - with the help of mobile HEYLO heaters you can warm up any room in an energy-efficient way.Oelheizer Zeltbeheizung

The application areas of the construction heaters include

  • Construction heating and winter construction heating
  • Tent heating and event heating
  • Hall heating and other large rooms
  • Building drying in combination with drying equipment

HEYLO offers you various heating devices such as construction heaters with an output of 1 to 161 kW.

Construction site heating - Heating of construction sites

Mobile heating systems - electric, oil or gas powered - are part of the fixed standard for the heating of buildings or winter construction. On every construction site, compact cogeneration plants supply warm air and ensure heated rooms. When temperatures drop, working in unheated buildings becomes unpleasant and hazardous to health.

Besides the workers, building materials also suffer from too much cold. The construction site can come to a standstill or even a construction stop is imposed. A modern construction heating system with an efficient winter construction heating system ensures that work can continue undisturbed even during the cold season at appropriate temperatures.

Construction heating systems are available for construction sites and workshops as well as for warehouses and garages in the form of various mobile heating systems. The choice of the appropriate heating device depends on the purpose of use. With the heat requirement calculator you can individually calculate your heat requirement for the selection of the suitable heater.

HEYLO has the right solution for all types of heating - find out more now!

Electric heater for heating of buildings

ElektroheizerOur professional electric heaters are suitable for all indoor areas: With our mobile electric heaters you can heat rooms such as workshops, garages or caravans - but especially construction sites as well as areas of gastronomy, agriculture and industry.

HEYLO offers you electrically operated heaters in all performance classes!

The advantage of electric heating is that it can be used without interruption and with pinpoint accuracy and does not consume any direct fossil fuels. Electric heaters are suitable for any indoor use. Even in smaller rooms the devices provide a comfortable atmosphere. The DE 2 XL, for example, is suitable for heating these areas.

Advantages of electric heaters:

  • Maintenance-friendly
  • No odour development
  • Can be used within a short time
  • Operation without fossil fuels
  • Stacking of individual devices possible
  • Compact dimensions and low weight

Oil heater as construction heating
Oelheizer Baubeheizung

Which oil heater is the most suitable heater depends on the requirements:

  • Should a tent or a hall be tempered?
  • Does the oil heater have to serve as a building site heater?
  • Is it about winter building heating, an agricultural sector or sustainable building drying?

The mobile HEYLO warm air heaters are transportable devices which are suitable for use outdoors or indoors - depending on whether the heater is directly or indirectly fired.

Whether for purchase or for rent: Due to the relatively cheap fuel, oil-fired fan heaters are still an effective and economical choice for heating.

Advantages of oil heaters:

  • Use outdoors or indoors
  • Multiple application possibilities
  • Cheap fuel
  • Simple operation
  • Easy handling
  • Service-friendly
  • High mobility

Energy saving system for oil heaters (TecTerm)

HEYLO has developed a modern energy-saving system for central heating systems that saves up to 30% energy through heat recirculation. The TecTerm-control XTR-18 works together with up to 18 ceiling fans installed on the hall ceiling or in the tent ridge, which ensure optimum heat utilisation. The heating unit only supplies new heat to the room if all the heat on the hall ceiling is used for the recreation room.

Note: TecTerm can be combined with all HEYLO oil heaters of the K series (from 80 kW).

Gas heater for heating of buildingsGasheizer im Einsatz

Our HEYLO gas heaters DG 25 S and DG 45 S are specially designed for heavy duty use. On the one hand, this type of warm air system is very robust, on the other hand, the devices have a high degree of efficiency. Immediate and precise heat without lead time is a plus of the mobile warm air heaters. They have an electromechanical flame control and a built-in thermostat prevents the unit from overheating. Gas is an alternative to fuels such as petrol or diesel and burns almost residue-free. The gas heaters are suitable for heating in construction, agriculture, greenhouses and storage rooms.

Note: Gas heating systems may only be used in well-ventilated interiors. Advantages of gas heaters:

  • High efficiency
  • Easy to transport
  • Alternative fuel
  • Immediate, precise heat
  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • Use in well-ventilated indoor areas

Electric hot water heater

With the HEYLO hot water heater you have a completely functional mobile electric heating centre - flexible, service-friendly and efficient. The EW 18-e has special screed heating programs according to DIN EN 1264-4 for covering and function heating and is therefore especially used for heating screed surfaces.

The individual programme setting of the hot water heaters should also be emphasised: The screed programmes can be adapted in accordance with the installation guidelines of the covering and screed manufacturers. The heating system is also the right choice for heating faults or for frost protection.

Advantages of electric hot water heaters:

  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Flexible and immediately applicable
  • Use for heating faults
  • Easy to transport
  • Drying out of screed
  • Frost protection

Infrared heating panels

Our HEYLO infrared heating panels provide precise heat. They generate direct heat by infrared radiation without convective loss. The areas of application for infrared heating panels are manifold:

  • Storage and work rooms
  • Selective heating of buildings
  • Irradiation of building material
  • Apartments and conservatories
  • Areas in gastronomy and trade

These application areas are only a few examples of the environmentally friendly heating variant. You can also use the heating plates successfully for drying buildings.

Building drying for all rooms

During the cold months, it is necessary to install heaters next to the building dryers for efficient building drying, as a room temperature of 20 to 22 degrees is required. The reason is that warm air stores more moisture than cold air. The dryers in turn extract the moisture from the room air.

Materials such as concrete, screed or plaster can release their moisture more quickly into the room air. In this way, the combination of building dryers and building heating systems accelerates the drying process enormously. For building drying, use electric heaters or infrared heating panels, since gas and oil-operated heating systems produce exhaust gases that enrich the room air with new moisture.