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Remote monitoring

Remotemonitoring econtroldryChecking drying process remotely in an easy way

The flexible data and process management system e-control dry used to monitor and manage mobile drying systems determines operating data and fault messages of the dryer by means of hardware, sending them through mobile data network. The resulting process data are fed into a web portal which represents the operating data on a web page.

By means of the HEYLO remote control system e-control dry you save time and money during the drying process because faults or operating errors by third parties are analysed promptly and temperature and humidity sensitive processes are monitored specifically. Universally applicable and easy to set up, you offer your customers the best service by complete documentation of the values measured.

  • Intermediate measurement in case of water damage restoration
  • Measurement of readiness for covering
  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity sensitive processes


      • Measurement of relative humidity, temperature and absolute moisture
      • Material moisture measurement by resistance technique
      • Display of measuring values in webportal
      • Evaluation possibility by MS-Excel
      • Alarm message by e-mail and SMS