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Side-channel blower SKV 115

  • Side-channel blower for drying the insulation layer with an air flow rate of 180 m³ / h.
  • Ergonomic grip on top and laterally sunk carrying handle.
  • Operating hours counter, energy indicator, ampere meter.
  • Thermal motor protection.
  • Spare socket 230 V / 10 A.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Connection diameter in 38 or 50 mm selectable.
  • Fault indicator in case of overload.
  • Cable rewind.




HEYLO side-channel blower have been designed especially for use in below screed drying. Drying can be carried out in pressure and suction process.

The electrically operated, mobile and muffled compressors can be used in occupied rooms as well.

When aerating hollow spaces and insulation layers, moisture and particles, such as dust and fibres, are removed. When drying sets in mould produces spores increasingly. These pollutants get into the room air and spread in the building in an uncontrolled manner. A Hepa filter is used here which effectively filters the particles from the airflow. Filtered air may remain in the building. Exhaust air must not be passed to the outside.


Technical data
Article No.
Air volume capacity (cum/h)
Surface (sqm)
Power consumption max. (kW)
Electrical protection (A)
Electric Connection (V/Hz)
Volume (dB(A))
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Borehole (number)
Diameter - pipe union (mm)
Volume flow at max. compression (cum/h)
Suction-side compression (Pa)
Pressure-side compression (Pa)
230 / 50  230 / 60
410 / 335 / 395
8 - 12
38 or 50
50 / 80