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HEPA filterbox HFB 600

  • HEPA filter box for side channel blowers for drying the insulation layer.
  • Incl. HEPA filter class H 14 according to DIN EN 1822.
  • Air flow rate of up to 180 m³ / h.




HEYLO HEPA filter box HFB 600 for side channel blowers is part of the modular HEYLO insulation layer drying system.

In sensitive areas and where harmful substances, such as mould spores, old artificial mineral fibres, dusts, et cetera, have to be expected, the moist air drawn off must not get into the room without being filtered.

The HEPA filter box effectively filters particles from the air current. The filter used reduces the health hazard of the room users to a minimum.

It is fitted with a filter of class HEPA H 14 in conformity with German standard DIN EN 1822 which can be replaced quickly, and which is intended for an air throughput of up 180 cum/h.


Technical data
Article No.
Air passage (cum/h)
Lenght / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Hose (mm)
up to 180
400 / 340 / 190
2 x 38 or 2 x 50