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Infrared heat panel IRW 500

  • Infrared heating plate with a heating power of 0.525 kW.
  • Point-precise drying of local water damage.
  • Wall drying in larger rooms.
  • Low noise drying (observance of the night-time peace).
  • Drying acceleration in combination with condensation dryers.
  • Can also be used as heating in site trailers.
  • Folding stands inclusive.




The HEYLO infrared heat panel IRW 500 removes water and humidity damage quickly and gently by infra-red heat. The moisture in the wall is dried point-precisely.

Ideal for use in new buildings, for restoration of old buildings, after fire and water damage and for drying building materials - also suitable for heating on site trailers, for example.

No drilling: Wall mounting with telescopic bars and fastening clips. Perfect wall drying by stable stands. Connection of several IRW with practical perforated rail. 

The heat panel IRW 500 PRO (article no. 1110677) is equipped with a kWh meter.


Technical data
Article No.
Electric Connection (V/Hz)
Performance (kW)
Power consumption (A)
Protection class (IP)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
1110667 / 1110677 (PRO)
230 / 50
560 / 1200 / 45
standing (up / cross)