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Adsorption dryer AT 30

  • Adsorption dryer with a dehumidification capacity of 26.4 liters / day at 20 ° C / 60% r.h.
  • Compact and robust housing (stainless steel).
  • High dehumidification performance and long service life (SSCR rotor).
  • Energy-saving ensured by self-regulating PTC heating.
  • Low maintenance (SSCR rotor can be washed).
  • Coupling possibility with SKVs.
  • Hydrostat control can be fitted subsequently.
  • Very easy to maintain.




The Adsorption dryer AT 30 is a continuous air dehumidifier with internal energy retrieval which can reach very low dew points.

During regeneration, sensible heat is taken up by the rotor material. This heat is passed on to the purging sector where the entering regeneration air is pre-heated and their moisture content is reduced. Whilst less heat is required to achieve the final regeneration temperature, the air has a considerably lower relative humidity at the same time.

The result is that the outgoing dry air is not only cooler, it is also dryer than that achieved by other air dehumidifiers.

Adsorption dryer AT have an extremely favourable power to weight ratio and a compact construction. For this reason the devices are easy to transport and easy to handle. Due to the type they are especially easy to service and extremely economic in operation on account of the modern self-regulating PTC heating elements.

The PTC heating elements are energy saving because they adapt their temperature and thus their power consumption to the ambient conditions continuously.


Technical data
Article No.
Dehumidification performance (l/24 h) (at 20°C / 60 % r.h.)
Dry air quantity (cum/h) (in case of density 1.20 kg/cum, free blowing)
Moist air flow volume (cum/h) (density 1.20 kg/cum, free blowing)
Power consumption max. (kW)
Fuse 230 V/50 Hz (A)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Volume (dB(A))
Weight (kg)
Hose connection - dry air + incoming air (diam. in mm)
Hose connection - moist air (diam. in mm)
422 / 350 / 410