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Mobile air conditioners

Mobile air conditioners are varied and flexible in use. Thanks to their 4-in-1 function, they are not only suitable for cooling rooms in industry, trade or commerce, but also for dehumidifying, heating and ventilating large rooms. The AC 25 and AC 35 air conditioners from HEYLO use the ecological coolant R290, which does not pollute the environment. They differ from split and monoblock devices due to their flexible use and lower power consumption.

Mobile air conditioners for industry and commerce

KlimageraeteWith a mobile air conditioner you always ensure a pleasant room climate exactly where you are. While split units require the installation of two parts on the building, mobile air conditioning systems score with their ease of use and quick commissioning. Another advantage: In contrast to monoblock air conditioning systems, the mobile version does not have to be installed on a wall and can be used flexibly. In addition, they are space-saving and cool and dehumidify at the same time.

The HEYLO models AC 25 and AC 35 can be used for heating, ventilating, cooling and drying thanks to their 4-in-1 function. All devices can be set up and connected quickly and can be easily transported thanks to the rollers on the underside of the devices. The modern models also have an exhaust hose that transports the warm room air outside. Due to the length of the exhaust air hose of 1.5 m, the air can easily escape through a window or balcony door. The associated remote control offers optimal convenience so that the mobile air conditioner can also be controlled remotely.

Air coolers are indispensable in rooms in which it is seasonally necessary to cool down the room temperature, such as in offices, workshops, shops or homes. They ensure pleasant indoor temperatures regardless of the respective outside values.

Mobile air conditioners by HEYLO

HEYLO offers two models of mobile air conditioning units that use the ecological coolant R290 as the refrigerant, which is more natural and non-toxic compared to alternatives. This refrigerant has no direct influence on the greenhouse effect and is environmentally friendly as it does not pollute the environment with poisonous substances.

The AC 25 air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 2.6 kW and an equally high heating capacity. The coolant R290 cools rooms from 12 m² to 18 m². Thanks to its low power consumption, the device can be assigned to energy efficiency class A. The 19 kg heavy mobile air conditioner is suitable with its castors for flexible use in trade and craft. With a volume of 50 (dB (A) / 3 m) this can be used in offices and sales rooms without disturbing employees or customers. The remote control supplied ensures optimum convenience.

The larger AC 35 model has a higher output than the AC 25 model: the cooling output is 3.5 kW, while the heating output is 3.2 kW. The air cooler can also be assigned to energy efficiency class A, has low power consumption and reliably processes a room size from 18 m² to 23 m². The return of condensed water also ensures high energy efficiency. Like the AC 25 model, the air cooler can also be used for heating, air dehumidification and ventilation thanks to its 4-in-1 function.

What cooling capacity is required??

In order to find out which cooling capacity is necessary for a room, both the room size and the outside temperatures are decisive for determining these performance components. Basically, you should only cool a room by 3 ° C to 5 ° C compared to the outside temperature. Even if this seems small at first glance, you should take into account that the air conditioning systems simultaneously pull moisture out of the air and simulate a colder ambient temperature. The cooling capacity for a room is calculated as follows:

Room area in m² x 60 (with good insulation) or 100 (with less good insulation)

For a 20 m² room with little insulation, you would need a mobile air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 2000 W or 2 kW. However, it is not only the thermal insulation that influences the determination of the cooling capacity, but also these factors:

  • How many windows does the room have?
  • How much does the sun shine through the window?
  • Which rooms are adjacent to the room to be cooled?
  • How many people are in the room?
  • How much heat do which devices give off?

Cooling of server rooms and technical rooms

Any failure is devastating in technical rooms in which heat has to be dissipated permanently. Cooling and dehumidifying with the help of mobile air conditioners extend the life expectancy of the technical devices and the availability of the EDP system is increased considerably. Server failures are much less common. The 4-in-1 function combines the cooling and dehumidifying functions in one device. For small server rooms up to 18 m² we recommend the AC 25 model, which not only works quietly, but with its compact size of 29 x 33 x 69 cm can be set up anywhere. The 1.5 m long hose transports the warm air outside through a window.

Cooling in offices

In the hot summer months, monitors provide additional warmth that is neither pleasant for people nor for technology. Even if there is no law that prescribes the purchase of an air conditioner in offices, employers must take action from a room temperature of 30 ° C according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act. An effective measure is the installation of mobile air conditioning units. The HEYLO model AC 35 is recommended for an office with a room size of up to 23 m². This model can be used flexibly with its roles and is easy to operate by anyone using a remote control.

Cooling in sales rooms and shops

On hot days, customers feel at home in air-conditioned sales rooms, linger longer and buy more. An air cooler is an investment that will soon pay for itself. The HEYLO models are very quiet in operation and score with a modern design, so that the device does not represent an optical disruptive factor in shops. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of air conditioning units and the optimal set-up in the proposed sales rooms.

Dehumidification and heating of cellars and workshops

During the humid season, air conditioning units in basements, workshops or other humid rooms ensure a pleasant climate because they dry and heat the air. Damp and cold cellars often lead to mold, which can be prevented with the right indoor climate. The AC 25 is ideal for small rooms up to 18 m². HEYLO air conditioners are easy to operate and have a modern exhaust air hose that transports moist air outside. Thanks to optimized device dimensions, they save space in the workshop and can be used anywhere.

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