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Industrial vacuum cleaner

The industrial vacuum cleaners VC 30 with high suction power and low noise level are used for wet and dry cleaning of surfaces and floors. The fully automatic filter cleaning combined with a high suction power makes the vacuum cleaner the ideal solution for all areas - for industry, trade and construction.

As a dry vacuum cleaner suitable for holding:

  • Fine dust
  • Dirt
  • Chips
  • harmful dusts
  • dry, non-flammable dusts

As wet vacuum cleaner suitable for:

  • Absorption of non-flammable liquids
  • Suction on tools and machines


HEYLO industrial vacuum cleaners - Function and equipment

Why do I need an industrial vacuum cleaner?

Working with industrial vacuum cleaners ensures customers and orders

The topic of dust protection is becoming more and more a self-promotion, with which you can gain competitive advantages in a simple but very effective way. Because when customers are enthusiastic about cleanliness and freedom from dust on the construction site, they will talk about it. So a clean construction site means satisfied customers and these are a great asset and the best advertising! With HEYLO industrial vacuum cleaners you work cleanly and dust-free and leave no dirt behind

Industrial vacuum cleaners ensure greater cleanliness on the construction site and healthy employees

The profitability of a company also depends on the health and performance of its employees. However, most manual activities on the construction site generate a lot of dust and dirt. What effect the dust has on our health depends on:

  • the type of dust
  • the particle size (coarse dust / fine dust)
  • the place of deposition in the respiratory tract
  • the duration and extent of dust exposure

In an 8-hour shift, about 5,000 litres reach our lungs. About 300 million pulmonary alveoli supply our body with oxygen. Inhaling large amounts of dust over a very short period of time is particularly harmful. The very fine A-dust in particular is considered extremely harmful, as it quickly overtaxes the cleaning mechanisms of our lungs and is poorly degradable. As a result, the body is supplied with oxygen much less efficiently. Shortness of breath occurs even during simple activities. Respiratory and dust lung diseases (silicosis), asbestosis and cancer can also follow

Industrial vacuum cleaners for effective work that saves money and time

You can increase your productivity by using industrial vacuum cleaners. This is because the time normally spent on post-cleaning the building site and/or furniture and equipment is eliminated. This increases the working speed of roduction processes.

High-quality industrial vacuum cleaners for a long service life

HEYLO industrial vacuum cleaners can be used quickly and are particularly durable thanks to high-quality, robust materials.

For which applications is an industrial vacuum cleaner used?

Use as wet vacuum cleaner

Wet floors not only damage the material, but are also a risk of accidents due to the danger of slipping. Large quantities of liquids are no problem for HEYLO industrial vacuum cleaners due to their high suction power and optimum filling behaviour. When used as a wet vacuum cleaner, the liquid is absorbed directly in the container.

Use as dry vacuum cleaner

Tree dusts are wood, lead, quartz and asbestos dusts, which can occur in large quantities during renovation or refurbishment work and pose a health hazard. Our dry vacuum cleaners are precisely tailored to the requirements of construction, renovation and refurbishment work.

Use as a dust extractor on tools and machines

Drilling, sawing, milling and grinding of building materials, as well as renovation and refurbishment, usually results in heavy dust loads. Here it is important to collect the dust where it is generated. HEYLO industrial vacuum cleaners are the optimal solution for highly effective dust collection on machines. They can be connected directly to the machine. In this way, the dust cannot spread further in the room and does not have to be removed after the work has been completed. In addition, the dust extraction system is gentle on tools and equipment.

HEYLO industrial vacuum cleaners have an automatic switch-on function for power tools. The vacuum cleaner starts automatically as soon as the connected power tool is put into operation. No additional extension cable for the power tool is required. The run-on function ensures that all dust still in the tool is extracted.

Industrial vacuum cleaner for dust-free work during renovation work

  • with wall and ceiling sanders
  • with surface treatment machines
  • with grinding machines for wood and metal

Industrial vacuum cleaner for dust-free work in concrete and stone work

  • with stone and concrete grinders
  • when milling or sawing walls
  • with cutting and drilling tools
  • with machines for surface treatment

Industrial vacuum cleaner for dust-free work in industry

  • with wood and metal saws
  • with cutting and drilling tools
  • with machines for surface treatment

Use as safety vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners are used in the renovation, restoration and modernisation of residential and public buildings and wherever dust and dirt is generated. Industrial vacuum cleaners are also used in manufacturing and process plants or when working with dusts that are hazardous to health, such as asbestos and mould. HEYLO safety vacuum cleaners are certified for dust classes M and H. The H vacuum cleaners also have the additional qualification "Asbestos" according to TRGS 519.

The advantages of HEYLO industrial vacuum cleaners at a glance:

  • high suction capability
  • can be used as wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • antistatic version
  • easy to clean PTFE filter
  • low weight with only 14,5 kg
  • Connection of any make of handset
  • InfiniClean - automatic filter cleaning
  • certified according to dust class M/H and ASBEST
  • Adapter plate to accept common tool box (L-Boxx / TANOS-Systainer)


Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate (l/min)
Air flow rate (m³/ h)
Vacuum (mbar/kPa)
Electric connection (V/Hz)
Power (W)
Power consumption (A)
Length / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume (dB(A)) / 3m
Protection class (IP)
Container volume (l)
Cable length (m)
1700100 / 1700101
230/50  230/60
565 / 385 / 520


Robust construction and ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the units ensures greater safety and easy dust disposal. The vacuum cleaners are characterised by a robust design with large wheels, stable footprints and a recessed display.

Simple operation and safe sealing

The large self-locking flap provides convenient access to the main filter element. And the powerful and flexible circumferential seal ensures 100% sealing even during the cleaning impulse. This seal prevents dust and dirt from entering the air ducts and the turbine.

Volume flow and filter monitoring

In order to comply with the legal requirements, all dust class M machines are equipped with FlowSensor. The FlowSensor monitors the volume flow of the machine. If this falls below 20m/s, an optical signal (LED) is activated first. If the operator does not react to the LED, an acoustic signal (buzzer) is activated after another 5 seconds.

The possibility of adjusting the hose diameter ensures the correct alarm level for different suction hoses. Dust class H units are additionally equipped with a filter monitoring of the HEPA filter cassette.

Durable and washable PTFE flat filter element

The non-stick membrane ensures easy and efficient filter cleaning, high filter efficiency (99.9%) and a long service life. This results in high cleaning performance and all this with only one filter, whether for wet or dry applications. A reliable separation efficiency for fine dusts is another resulting advantage.

Large self-locking access flap to the filter

The motor head does not need to be removed for filter maintenance. The dust acting on the seals is minimized, which also results in a minimized dust load when changing the filter. The motor has a longer service life and filter condition and level can be easily monitored.

Dual filtration for the dust class H (ASBEST) variants

The combination of main filter element and HEPA filter as well as the safety filter bag (3- stage filtration) prevents the release of dust. The advantage here is increased safety in the filtration of hazardous dusts and a longer service life of the HEPA filter element with the associated cost savings.

Industrial vacuum cleaner with automatic filter cleaning

A particularly important feature of the HEYLO industrial vacuum cleaner is the automatic filter cleaning system InfiniClean. It ensures a continuously high suction power - the filter is automatically cleaned during operation by an opposing air flow.

How does filter cleaning work on industrial vacuum cleaners?

A powerful air pulse is emitted every 15 seconds in reverse direction of flow onto the filter element.

Industrial vacuum cleaner with knocking function for more power

The vacuum cleaner with knocking function (also knocker) achieves higher productivity and significantly reduced downtime due to the automatic filter cleaning. The container can be filled without filter maintenance - even with demanding fine dusts. The loss of suction power during cleaning is minimized.

What dust bags and filter options do I have on an industrial vacuum cleaner?

  1. Disposal bag: The plastic disposal bag is standard in all InfiniClean machines and ensures easy and safe dust disposal.
  2. Non-woven filter bag: The non-woven filter bag is standard on the VC 30 M and helps to significantly reduce dust exposure.
  3. Safety filter bag: The safety filter bag is standard in all H-Class machines with multi-stage filtration, ensuring maximum safety during disposal without dangerous dust exposure.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the industrial vacuum cleaner

What is an industrial vacuum cleaner?

An industrial vacuum cleaner is a powerful vacuum cleaner with high suction power and large capacity, which picks up dust, dirt and liquids. It can be used as a dry and wet vacuum cleaner.

Why an industrial vacuum cleaner?

Because a normal household vacuum cleaner is not sufficient in many areas. For example, in the case of heavily soiled, dusty surfaces or asbestos, an industrial vacuum cleaner is used for wet and dry cleaning of surfaces and floors in industry, trade and construction.

What can an industrial vacuum cleaner do?

  • Use as a dry vacuum cleaner: Absorption of fine dust, dirt, shavings, dust hazardous to health, dry, non-flammable dust, carcinogenic dust such as asbestos
  • Application as wet vacuum cleaner: suction of non-flammable liquids
  • Used as a dust extractor on tools and machines: suction of dust and dirt when drilling, sawing, milling, grinding building materials

How does an industrial vacuum cleaner work?

An industrial vacuum cleaner works like a normal household vacuum cleaner. The blower creates a vacuum that sucks air through the hose. The material picked up in the process is collected in a container. A filter cleans the sucked in air.

HEYLO industrial vacuum cleaners also have the automatic filter cleaning system InfiniClean. It ensures a continuously high suction power - the filter is automatically cleaned during operation by an opposing air flow. This results in higher productivity and significantly reduced downtime. The container can be filled without filter maintenance - even with demanding fine dusts.