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Dust control systems

Finally renovate cleanly with HEYLO dust control system. Wherever construction and renovation is carried out - during demolition, chiselling and grinding work - the work area and neighbouring rooms are burdened with coarse and micro-fine dust. This affects workers during renovation work, endangers their health and soils and burdens the inventory of the customer.

The main part of the system is Dust Control Door DCD 3.0 - for quick and safe sealing of doors between the working or dirty area and the white area. DCD in combination with filter ventilators and hoses results in the dust control system DCS -for permanent low pressure maintenance or dust extraction.

By connecting the HEYLO filter ventilators in the white area to DCD 3.0, a low pressure is produced in the renovation area (black area) which prevents that fine dust can spread to neighbouring rooms. As soon as the filter ventilators are set up in the renovation area at the place where dust is produced, a dust extraction function is ensured.

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