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Dust control door DCD-Swing

  • Dust protection door suitable for every door frame - also suitable for arched doors.
  • Up to a room height of 275 cm.
  • Quick assembly within a few minutes.
  • No zipper and self-closing without a spring.
  • Usable on both sides.
  • Stable aluminum frame (185 x 65 cm).
  • With opening for extraction hoses at the top and bottom.



Unfortunately a certain development of dust cannot be avoided during refurbishment and renovation. However, what can be prevented it that the dust spreads throughout the whole house. This is rendered possible by means of the universal dust protection swing door DCD-Swing, which does well without zip and is quickly fitted. In practice, a zip has not proved successful in all cases. Dust makes sure that it becomes stuck.

Within a matter of three minutes, the door is taken out of the transport bag and is fitted at the location. On account of the surrounding profile seal which can be attached at the bottom as well, the dust stays in the room of the “building site”. The door has been designed in such a way that it needs not springs. In order to prevent accidents, the door leaf is transparent throughout. Left and right rabbet have been thought of as well: the door can be used for both sides.

The DCD-Swing is suitable for every door frame, even for arched doors. In addition, the swing door can be used as a partition wall up to a room height of 275 cm.

The complete set DCD-Swing consists of:

1 door element with frame and door leaf complete
1 door handle with countersunk-head screw (in bag)
1 double-sided adhesive tape red / white (25 m x 25 mm)
1 single-sided adhesive tape yellow (50 m x 50 mm)
1 transport and storage bag


Technical data
Article No.
Basic element  Height / Width (mm)
Suitable for max. room height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Hose connection (mm)
1,845 / 650