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Dust extraction PV 6000 combi

Dustextractioncombi PV6000Combination for dust extraction: HEYLO PowerVent 6000 incl. dust bag M-class + fastening clamp.

Combination for dust extraction: HEYLO PowerVent 6000 incl. dust bag M-class + fastening clamp.The axial ventilator PowerVent 6000 bundles the air with great pressure and is suitable, besides the ventilation, in particular also for the dust extraction. By connecting M-Class dust bags on the exhaust side, both dust and dirt particles can be aspirated at the construction sites of various crafts.

For ventilation or drying acceleration it is also possible to connect up to 50 m long air hoses. In this way, fresh air can be transported to the most remote areas, and used air can be extracted from there.

Areas of application: for dust extraction e.g. for stemming and plastering work, sawing, grinding and tiling work, as well as for painting work; for the ventilation (by connecting air hoses also suitable for shaft or tank ventilation); for drying acceleration (in particular of cavities).


  • Light and easy to handle
  • Easy transport thanks to practical handles•
  • Housing made of ABS plastic for high robustness•
  • Low power consumption•
  • High air pressure for long hoses
  • Dust extraction by means of dust bags (M-Class)Dust extraction by means of dust bags (M-Class)
  • Deliberate ventilation by connecting hoses - on the suction and exhaust sides


Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate max. (cum/h)
Useful air volume flow (NLV) (m³/h)
Compression (Pa)
Electric connection (V/Hz)
Power consumption max. (kW)
Power consumption max. (A)
Lenght / Width / Height  (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume (dB(A))
Dust bag diameter (mm)
Dust bag length (m)
500 / 515 / 615