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Air filter PowerFilter 1400

Powerfilter 1400

The compact air filter HEYLO PowerFilter 1400 sets the standard on building sites and in industry. On account of the small dimensions and very light weight, it is especially suitable for renovations in small areas. With the ergonomic carrier handle, the air filter can be transported from room to room without any problems in addition.

There are different filters which can be changed dead easily. Coarse dust, fine dust or dangerous particles, such as mould spores? No problem for PowerFilter 1400.

For odour elimination, an activated carbon filter can be fitted as well. The structure of the metal housing is very easy to maintain, and the air filter can thus be cleaned and maintained quickly and easily.

Various filters are accessible quickly and can be exchanged easily:

Pre-filter - coarse dust filter of class G4 in conformity with European standard EN 779
Pre-filter - activated carbon filter
Main filter - fine dust filter of Class F9 in conformity with European standard EN 779 and dust class M in conformity with EN 60335
Main filter - suspended solids filter HEPA H14 in conformity with European standard EN 1822 and dust class M in conformity with EN 60335
Main filter - activated carbon filter


  • Highly efficient ventilator motor (in conformity with ERP)
  • Ventilator motor infinitely variably adjustable
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Energy meter for calculation in case of insured loss
  • ergonomic carry handle
  • light-weight & stackable
  • flexible filter equipment possible (F9 / HEPA / carbon / et cetera)
  • Very quiet


Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate max. (cum/h)
Compression (Pa) (60 Hz)
Electric connection (V/Hz)
Power consumption (kW)
Power consumption (A)
Height / Width / Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume (dB(A))
Hose diameter intake / outlet side (mm)
230/50   230/60
445 / 420 / 505