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StaubStop 3000 PLUS

  • Mobile dust extraction with Ventilator PowerVent 3000 + filter housing PLUS incl. Filter pressure gauge + coarse dust filter G4 + fine dust filter F9.
  • Large work area (at least 19 m²).
  • Flexible in use and quickly transported.


Mobile dust extraction - for use in workshop and on the building site.

StaubStop PLUS contains:

Ventilator PowerVent 3000 (3,102 cum/h air flow rate) + filter housing PLUS including filter pressure gauge + coarse dust filter G4 + fine dust filter F9

Air cleaning at the building site is compulsory: Late sequelae are unavoidable due to high dust exposure at the workplace. Statistics reveal that deaths caused by lung cancer or silicosis are not decreasing. Everybody has been warned against asbestos in the meantime, but who knows that fine quartz dust (such as calcareous sandstone, granite or aerated concreate stone) is carcinogenic as well?

In conformity with TRGS 900, the new dust emission limit is now between 1.25 mg/cum only, instead of 3 mg/cum. In order to avoid health damage or shutdown of building sites, air filter have become a must-have in the equipment pool of every construction and restoration entrepreneur.

StaubStop PLUS is a quick setup solution in this case. With this air filter, dust and dirt can be drawn off directly on the building site. The coarse and fine dust filter used reliably removes the dust particles quickly and make sure that the environment under construction and possibly any neighbouring living areas remain free of dust.

On account of the practical indicator for filter change, everybody can recognise immediately when the filter has to be replaced. The air filter system StaubStop PLUS uses a two-stage filter system. The first filter stage consists of a pre-filter (coarse dust filter G4) and the main filter stage consisting of a robust HEYLO fine dust filter (F9) of the filter class M. 


Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate (cum/h)
Compression (Pa)
Electric connection (V/Hz)
Power consumption (kW)
Power consumption (A)
Filter housing Length/ Width / Heigth (mm)
Weight (kg)
230 / 50
420 / 450 / 510