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StaubStop 3000

  • Mobile dust extraction with ventilator PowerVent 3000 with an air flow rate of 3,102 m³/h.
  • Quick filter change.
  • Easy and quickly set up, make ready for operation and transport.
  • Numerous fields of application and quick change of filter.
  • Connection of an air hose possible.
  • Combination with dust filter (G4 and F9) or optionally also with dry overspray filter.


Mobile dust extraction - for use in workshop and on the building site.

StaubStop contains:

Ventilator PowerVent 3000 + filter housing + dust filter set (G4 + F9)

Air cleaning on building sites shall become standard: In spring 2014, the Committee for Hazardous Substances has reduced the threshold value for respirable dusts on building sites from 3 mg/cum to 1.25 mg/cum.

The mobile air filter StaubStop reduces the dust on building sites to minimum. The combination consists of a ventilator and a filter housing including coarse and fine dust filter. The powerful ventilator ensures that dust is removed directly at the point of origin during renovation work. The combination is set up quickly and is easy to transport on account of the low weight.

If necessary, a dust filter or optionally an ink filter can be used to draw off overspray - see FarbStop


Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate max. (cum/h)
Electric connection (V/Hz)
Filter housing Length / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
230 / 50
450 / 430 / 450