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FarbStop 3000

  • Mobile overspray extraction with Ventilator, filter housing and dry overspray filter.
  • Quickly transported, set up and made ready for use.
  • Numerous possible uses and quick filter changes.
  • Specific suction ensured by connecting an air hose.
  • Combination with dry overspray filter or optionally also with dust filter (G4 and F9)



Mobile overspray extraction - for use in workshop and on the building site.

FarbStop contains:
Ventilator PowerVent 3000 + filter housing + dry overspray filter

Large surfaces or paints with a high standard is applied by compressed air or airless plants today as a rule. The resulting ink mist has to be drawn off safely.

FarbStop (Combi in combination with ventilator PowerVent 3000) here is a helpful, quickly mounted solution to immediately extract overspray mist during paint work flexibly at the building site or in the workshop.

For dust extraction, dust filters can be used - see StaubStop.

Technical data
Article No.
Air flow rate max. (cum/h)
Electric connection (V/Hz)
Filter housing Length / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
230 / 50
450 / 430 / 450