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Energy-saving system (TecTerm)

  • up to 30 % energy conservation by warm air circulation
  • automatic control for heating and venting
  • clock timer
  • night economy reduction / anti-frost function
  • stepless automatic speed control of the ceiling fan
  • up to two heaters and 18 ceiling fan can be connected
  • quick installation of the control and ceiling fan without tools

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 HEYLO TecTerm - high thermal efficiency combined with fully automatic air recirculation.

TecTerm control XTR-18 operates up to 18 units ceiling ventilator DF 1400, installed on the hall ceiling or at the tent roof, which ensures perfect heat utilisation: The heating unit adds new heat to the room only when the entire heat at the hall ceiling has been used for the room.

HEYLO TECTERM is ready for use quickly: Use the belt to install the ceiling ventilators; connect the sockets of XTR-18; connect the XTR- 18 up to the heater; set the target temperature - that’s it!

TecTerm can be combined with all oil heaters of the K series as from 80 kW.

XTR-18 control cabinet - Article No. 1900002
incl. temperature difference control, clock thermostat rotation speed controller, complete cable set, two temperature meter

DF 1400 ceiling fan - Article No. 1130210
incl. connection cable and fixing strap