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New ventilator as successor

PowerVent 3000

The ventilator VORTEX 3000 gets a worthy successor in August: PowerVent 3000. The new compact ventilator of HEYLO sets the standard on construction sites and in renovation. For the ventilator a wide range of accessories is available – from hoses and dust bags to filter housings.

All combinations, which were available previously for the Vortex (StaubStop, FarbStop, dust control system, etc.), are also available for the PowerVent 3000.

• max. air flow rate 4.200 m³/h
• compression 500 Pa
• low weight (17,5 kg) and stackable

NEW - compact air cleaner

PowerFilter 1400 en

The new compact air filter PowerFilter 1400 of HEYLO sets the standard on construction sites and in industry. It is very light weight and perfect for small rooms - but still has power.

• max. air flow 1.400 m³/h
• highly efficient ventilator (ERP conform) / max. 1.000 Pa
• low weight 16 kg

Electrical heater with 3 kW


The proven electric heater DE 2 XL has got a big brother, the compact electric heater DE 3 XL.

The new heater is constructed in the same way as DE 2 XL, but additionally has a folding handle, so it can be stacked to save space.

• heat output (2-stage controllable) 1,5 / 3 kW
• air flow rate 140 m³/h

New industrial ventilator

PowerVent 4000 e EN

The mobile and very easy to handle high performance ventilator PowerVent 4000-e is suitable for ventilation in many applications: Sewer systems / containers and tanks / workshops / industries / shipyards etc.

• high air capacity (3.800 m³/h)
• low energy consumption
• Operation is possible even at 60 Hz

New technique for insulation layer drying

Daemmschichttrocknung EN

These new devices from HEYLO for insulation layer drying are quick and easy to install one compact system - everything is precisely coordinated.

• SKV + HWA have kWh and hour meter
• a trolley for better transport is available
• Hepa filter box and silencer complete the system

Flyer Insulation drying: download here

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