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Partnership for quality

Heylo Achim


"Our expertise and attitude to quality are down to a long company history, on which we look back with pride. Quality since 1955 – they are not just words for us but a promise. It is in this spirit that HEYLO employees proactively endorse in partnerships with suppliers, customers and their own team."

Because at HEYLO, progress never stays still

8 January 1955 saw the foundations laid for HEYLO GmbH as it is today. Werner Wittleder, father of the former CEO Dr. Thomas Wittleder, founded the company in Hanover. In the same year, the first oil heaters were imported to Germany from the U.S. 1959 saw the production start of transportable oil heaters having a heat output of 40 to 120 kW. This makes HEYLO the pioneer of transportable oil heaters in Europe. Following on at the start of the 1960s were convenience hot air heaters and fully automatic large area/room heaters for buildings. The adage then was as it is today: “Cost-effective heat in all economic sectors”. “Zwerg” (Dwarf) and “Amerika” (America) for oil heaters, and “LOKI“ for paper burners, were some of the product names back then.

The original name of the brand was HY-LO, “HY” (high) for the high power rating of the devices and “LO” (low) for a low price, highlighting the good price-performance ratio. So that nobody had any difficulty with the pronunciation, the phonetic spelling was also printed underneath the price list logo, “say HEI-LO”. HY-LO changed to HEYLO in 1962. Since then, HEYLO has been continually broadening its range of products and services to cement its position as THE partner of choice for craftsmen. And like back then for mobile heaters, HEYLO is now on the way to dominating the market for mobile air cleaning. Since its founding, HEYLO has been synonymous with manufacturing extremely sturdy products with longevity. The parameters established back in the 1960s are also valid today uncompromisingly for every single HEYLO article cost-effectiveness, reliability, material and production quality, ease of use and pleasing to the eye.


What makes us, what drives us, who trusts us

For many years now, we have been using, treating and moving air − temporarily, for many industrial applications and for custom solutions. Our equipment dries buildings, heats construction sites, ventilates rooms, filters dust and provides temperature control for marquees and areas/rooms for events − safely and efficiently, everywhere in Germany and Europe. We see ourselves as a system provider delivering its business partners the solutions they require − mobile machines, accessories, measuring equipment and the associated processes and procedures with which the result strived towards is achieved in an efficient, cost-effective manner without depleting resources.

In the process, also in the development phase in particular, we never consider a product in isolation but always in different applications and various environments and uses – and also keep an eye on the direct benefit for users. It is only with this uncompromising approach and viewing from different angles that we manage to provide to our customers tools that make working on site and in industry safer and more convenient.

Our values and standards have been enduring from the very outset. All HEYLO employees pursue the collective goals of safeguarding the high quality of our products and services, and continually improving them. The benchmark for quality is set by our customers. For them to be able to survive in real-world applications, HEYLO devices are developed and manufactured for the harsh conditions out there. We are the experts for professionals. We are only satisfied once those using our products are satisfied.


Dantherm Group

Thomas Wittleder, former managing director at Heylo said: “I am happy that the Dantherm Group is the new owner of Heylo. This will give the company I joined close to 30 years ago further opportunities to grow in and outside Germany and to develop our drying, heating and air cleaning technology for use across the Dantherm Group”. 

In October 2020, the Dantherm Group, based in Denmark, took over HEYLO GmbH in Germany.

Originally founded in the 1950s, the Dantherm Group is a European leader in portable and installed climate control solutions for a wide range of industries within heating, drying, cooling and ventilation. Dantherm has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, China and France.

In 2016, the Dantherm Group was acquired by Procuritas Capital Investors V LP.


New manager director at HEYLO GmbH

Manfred Föhlisch will take over the management of Heylo GmbH on June 1st, 2021. The mechanical engineer - since 2015 managing director of Dantherm GmbH (formerly Aerial GmbH) - succeeds Dr. Thomas Wittleder and will be the managing director of both companies in the future.