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Leakagelocatingsystem LSK200LSK-200 leakage locating system case: Technique for pros - complete and compact. The LSK-200 combines conventional measuring methods, is compact in design, and at a reasonable price. The attractive entry-level pack for all restoration service providers.

Line detection
Non-destructive determination of the route and the laying depth of metal pipes. Detection of all metal pipes in indoor installations. Determination of the depth and position of the leakage in floors and walls. Sender unit LOS 200 for the generation of magnetic fields and receiving unit LOE 200 for exact measuring of the magnetic field.

Noise leakage-locating
Precise determination of pipe leaks by electro-acoustic detection of the leakage noises. Following the previously detected pipe, the pipe is listened to. Leakage noises are amplified; leaks can be located very precisely in such a way. The ground microphone detects typical sound waves which occur at a point of leakage of water and/or heating pipes.

Gas detection
Non-destructive highly precise detection, even of very small pipe leaks. A mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen (not contained in the scope of delivery) is introduced into the pipe as test gas. The measuring unit TGO 200 locates the exit point of the gas - even through floor structures, such as screed or tiles.

The LSK-200 scope of delivery includes (Art.-No. 1430080):

  • Modulator LOS 200
  • Cable with cable clamp for LOS 200
  • charging unit with shock-proof plug for LOS 200
  • Receiver LOE 200
  • Noise leakage-locating AHO 200
  • Headphones for AHO 200
  • Remote control switch for AHO 200
  • Extension (45 cm) for AHO 200
  • Probe tip (8 cm) for AHO 200
  • Gas detection TGO 200


Modulator LOS 200
for magnetic field generation used for pipe location
Receiver LOE 200
for pipe location in order to exactly measure the magnetic field
Noise leakage-locating AHO 200
for the determination of pipe leaks by electro-acoustic detection
Gas detection TGO 200
for non-destructive highly precise detection, even of very small pipe leaks
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