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Air cleaning and dust protection on building sites

Luftreinigung Staubschutz BaustellenIn the current version of German TRGS 900 (Technical Regulations for Hazardous Substances) applicable as from 2014, the limit values for alveolar (respirable) dust has been reduced. The new limit value is now between 1.25 mg/cum, instead of 3 mg/cum. All workplaces, plants and operating means have to be adapted technically to this new limit value. For the implementation of the new regulation, a transitional period up to 31st December 2018 has been granted.

The dust exposure at the workplace, such as during building work or restoration, has to be checked again after the new TRGS 900 has come into force. Possibly, higher dust protection measures are required than previously. Technical dust protection measures in particular may be very helpful. So-called air filters have become a must-have in the equipment pool of every construction and restoration entrepreneur. They reduce dust at the workplace to a minimum. The powerful filters make sure that dust and pollutants in the room can be removed directly or at the source by connecting hoses. As a result, the health of the employee is protected on the one hand, and other hand it prevents dust from spreading to other parts of the building.

High-performance PowerFilter 3500 by HEYLO is very efficient with its high air flow rate of 3,200 cum/h, and by connection of up to three hoses and the use of different filters can be used in versatile manner. Since beginning of June 2014, the german Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Building Construction assists this air cleaner for dust and pollutant filtering with up to Euro 500.00 (depending on the levy due of the member). Below please find the air filters assisted by the german Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Building Construction: StaubStop PLUS, PowerFilter 1000PowerFilter 1400, PowerFilter 3500.

By connecting the air filter to the HEYLO dust control door DCD 3.0, an efficient complete dust control system is set up. The dust control door seals the work area from white areas, the PowerFilter 3500 produces a low pressure in the work area, and can even draw off dust and dirt directly at the point of origin when air hoses have been connected. In mould cleanup as well, the practical air filter can be used as well - by simply replacing the fine-dust filter (F9) by a HEPA filter (HEPA - H14).

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