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Dehumidification of new buildings

Entfeuchtung NeubautenDuring the building phase, so much humidity occurs on a living space of 120 sqm, that there are about 1,500 litres of superfluous water at the end of the building time. Painters, dry masons, carpenters, tilers and floor layers are frequently up against serious problems with moisture and primarily schedule difficulties. The solution: technical drying

Basically, three factors have an important influence on the success of a drying measure: temperature, air humidity and air flow. By nature, warm material has a higher evaporation rate than cold material. Moreover, warm air can take up considerably more water vapour and pass it to the drying unit than cold air. The passage of water vapour from the material to the room air is considerably improved by air flow. Drying units operated at temperatures of below 15 deg. C and without the support of ventilators is highly inefficient.

For this purpose HEYLO offers powerful construction dryer, ventilators and moisture analysis systems in portfolio. The building driers BT 450 and BT 700, for example, set standard in drying new buildings. The efficient cooling system ensures superior drying performance with a compact construction at the same time. 48 to 70 litres of maximum dehumidifying performance per day is a convincing argument. For automatic operation, the BT 450 has been fitted with a condensate feed pump, and at BT 700 can be connected up to an optional pump. Together with the powerful FD 4000 ventilator (4,141 cum/h) the drying process is reduced by up to 50 per cent.

On account of the quick drying process, the building time is reduced as well, and money is saved. And who does not want to save money quickly and easily?

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