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Odour combat when clearing out homes

Geruchsbekaempfung EntruempelungIn order to be able to ensure a clean-swept hand-over of the flat after clearing out, it has to be disinfected. An effective disinfection is required especially when the flat is encumbered with pest infestation, mould or strong smell.

This is the case often enough in case of so-called “compulsive hoarder flats”. In this case there are not only countless things on site, but also often enough mouldy food and vermin.

For specific disinfection and odour combat, HEYLO offers moist and dry means for light to serious odour problems. These said can be applied either with a ULV sprayer (Hurricane ES / Cyclone Ultra Flex), a thermal fogger (HEYLO Base Classic) or with a pulsejet fogger (Patriot) for specific nebulisation of active substances.

In case of strong urine smell, use mainly Citrox in combination with Penetrox-S and Bio Fresh+.

Application in case of cat urine, urine, excretions:

(1) Clean all contaminated surfaces with Alron Citrox. The peroxide acid (“peroxisyran”) contained in Citrox oxidises and neutralises the worst smells of urine and excrements typically of sulphur and amino like nature.
(2) If urine has penetrated a material, remove the soiled material as far as possible (cat tree, wall-papers, concrete).
(3) Treat the exposed surfaces and other malodorous surfaces with Penetrox. Penetrox is applied with a chemicals applicator / low-pressure sprayer, brush or roller. Allow to work for 24 hours.
(4) Post-treat with Bio-Fresh+. Make sure that the entire Penetrox is consumed before treating with Bio-Fresh+. In case of severe damage, cover the treated surface with a foil so that the moisture is retained and the micro-biological degradation of the odorous substances can continue. In flats with cats the odour may be very persistent.

In case of mouldy odour, a combination of Penetrox, Alron Citrox and Maxox-DF is especially effective.

Use in case of mouldy odour:

(1) Make sure that the source of the problem (moisture) is removed.

(2) Replace the material with apparent mould growth, wherever practical and possible.

(3) Material residues with mould formation are saturated with Penetrox in order to kill off the mould and to remove the mouldy odour.

(4) After dry out, the mould residue is washed off by means of Alron Citrox. After removal of a damage, the mouldy odour may develop for several years to come when the odour comes out of concrete or untreated wood. Treat these surfaces with Penetrox. Smooth, non-absorbent surfaces are treated with Odox. If the smell is vague, produce a fog of ODOX-DF or Maxox-DF using a pulsejet fogger.

Use in case of tobacco odour:

Tobacco odour frequently penetrates deep into various materials. External treatment is effective to a limited extent only.

(1) Ceilings and/or walls, which are not washable, are sprayed with Penetrox (use low-pressure spraying device for moistening without running down).

(2) Complete odour elimination by nebulising with Dry Odour Control or Maxox-DF.

(3) Dry and moist odour elimination substances can be used as “air fresheners” as well in order to leave a pleasant smell perception after the elimination.

Use in case of rancid odour, butyric acid:

(1) First of all, use ULV sprayer to spray on sodium bi-carbonate solution (2g/l). Do not spread damage by hasty action in depth or width, and absorb all fluids applied.

(2) Treat with Bio-Fresh+ repeatedly. Use the ULV sprayer to spread the agent when this odour appears.

(3) Please make sure that the problem is not spread by the fact that purified section and non-purified sections are mixed. Even small amounts are very pungent.

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