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Odour control in case of fire damage

Geruchsbekaempfung BrandschaedenApart from clean-up work, fire damage also involves odour control. The acrid burnt small in most cases is in the complete building whether in the wall and ceilings, potentially untouched furnishing or textiles.

Recommendation for odour neutralisation in case of fire damage:

First of all, use an alkaline detergent of pH 9 - 13 to clean everything. If some odour should remain after cleaning, an odour elimination is carried out. Porous and absorbent surfaces (plaster, wood, tiles, concrete) should be sprayed with disinfectant Penetrox - the other smooth surfaces are treated with Odox.

In case of odour elimination in large or difficult-to-access spaces, which are not soiled with soot, an odour elimination is recommended with atomisation of fine aerosols: Use either oxidising aerosols, which are degraded quickly and neutralise the burnt smell (Maxox-DF and dry odour elimination (Dry Odour Control) or smell modifying aerosols (dry odour elimination and moist odour elimination) which cover up and encapsulate the burnt smell quickly. The encapsulated burnt smell is then decomposed by slower oxidation by air.

Maxox-DF and Dry Odour Control each produce a “dry”, fine aerosol which lingers a long time in the air, and decomposes the burnt smell by oxidation. The substance for dry odour elimination (Dry Odour Control) can be applied by using either Pulsjet Fogger or Thermo fogger. The substance for moist odour elimination can be applied by using an ULV sprayer, and there is also a “wet” aerosol which evaporates very quickly. It works best by pointing the jet of the aerosol on the material which is subjected to an odour elimination.

Dry and moist odour elimination substances can be used as “air fresheners” as well in order to leave a pleasant smell perception after the elimination. The ULV sprayer is used to apply the moist odour elimination on absorbing, easily accessible surfaces, whereas the Thermofogger or the Pulsjet-Fogger is used to spread the dry air elimination in large rooms for diffuse odour spread.

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