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Heating of tents

Beheizung ZelteA successful event with a good atmosphere - a tent event especially depends frequently on the right climate. In order to always ensure the right feel-good climate during tent events, the tents are heated with mobile heating units during the cooler months. Here hot air heaters have proven their worth, which are operate with heating oil. Hoses can be connected to these heating units, which are passed into one side of the tent and which are usually attached to the tent roof. Punched film tubes spreadd the warm air in the whole tent. Or, mobile blow-out towers are set up on one or two sides of the tent. They can be modularly combined in height, and thus can be adapted to the height of the heated marquee. By means of a heat recirculation system consisting of a ceiling fan and an associated control, the heat in the tent can be regulated even better, and additional energy can be saved.

The perfect choice for an intelligent tent heating: heater for events K 160

With its intelligent control, the oil heater in the event colour of white ensures a constant heat dissipation which can be controlled easily by optional remote control using smart phone, laptop computer or tablet computer. In addition, there is a high heat output in combination with low energy consumption and a cost saving of about 20 per cent. Thus, this unit is the perfect oil heater for events and for the right feel-good climate. 

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