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Dehumidification in the cellar

Entfeuchtung KellerCellar areas are excellently suited for the creation of additional wellness and living areas. Some house owners or tenants, however, run the risk of destroying their recreational areas themselves. Mouldy smells, damage to the building and an unhealthy indoor climate are a threat.

Moist surfaces especially are a paradise for mould spores - and they cause serious damage. Air humidity, however, is no foe - it is only a matter of the right balance. An air humidity of 40 to 60 per cent is ideal. Demonstrably there are least bacteria,
viruses, fungi and other noxious substances in our room air in this case. This is important for the health of humans, pets and plants, but also for the durability and thus for the value preservation of walls, furniture, textiles and of almost all articles of daily use.

Moreover, in case of values of 40 to 60 percent the human sensual perception indicates that the room air is ideal. For this reason, the room air should be dehumidified in all critical rooms, at least in summer - for ideal room air and as an intelligent prevention against mould spores, mouldy smells and health damage, such as respiratory diseases, for example. Air dehumidifiers are suitable for this. HEYLO Dehumidifier  provides the perfect assistance - on account of its easy handling and high, quick and low-noise dehumidification performance at the same time. 

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