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Air cleaning in case of pollen

Luftreinigung PollenEvery fifth person in Central Europe is an allergy sufferer. Apart from house-dust allergy, respiratory diseases and asthma, the most widely spread allergy is hay fever. Hay fever is an allergic reaction. Pollen and pollen grains are the most frequent allergy triggers. For this reason, most allergy sufferers have hay fever in spring and summer when the air is full of pollen. Normally the body is protected against these foreign substances by a highly effective immune system.

Our skin as well as our mucous membranes form a first barrier against these intruders in the area of the eyes and the respiratory tract. These allergic reactions develop there precisely in case of hay fever. If the foreign substances get into the bloodstream further, the immune system releases messenger substances. Then, excessive substances, such as histamines, are produced which may lead to inflammatory reactions. In spring and summer, the concentration of pollen and pollen grains in rooms inside is also higher than during the remainder of the year. Whilst airing, these foreign particles get inside or are carried in with the clothing, shoes and our hair.

By use of the effective hepa air filter, a distinct improvement of the air quality in rooms inside can be achieved for allergy sufferers by filtering out pollen and pollen grains.

Air cleaner prevent hay fever allergies ! The pollen and pollen grains entering indoor areas from the outside especially in spring and summer are small and light-weight, and for this reason move in indoor air as suspended solids. Efficient hepa air filters remove these particles before they can be inhaled by humans.

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