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Air cleaning and annealing in the plastics industry

Luftreinigung Tempern KunststoffindustrieThe production processes in the plastic industry include, among other things, annealing, cooling and polishing.
In an annealing process, glass-fibre composite materials are made with epoxide resin, and have to be heated to temperatures of approx. 75 deg. C for hardening. For this purpose, a special heater should be used for especially high temperatures, such as HEYLO Electrical Heater DE 20 SH. The light-weight, well transportable heater can produce blow-out temperatures of up to 140 deg. C, and can be fitted with a 5 m high-temperature warm air hose to be able to use the heat even more targeted. During the annealing process, temperature or time controls are required, apart from the heating units. They can be offered by HEYLO customer specifically. Talk to us - we will make it possible!

The finished plastic components must be polished and finally processed. During this process, considerable volumes of dust are produced, which may cause a health hazard, and may affect the visibility conditions very much. For dust extraction, mobile high-performance filters may be used, which can be operated with different types of filter. The HEYLO PowerFilter 3500 high-performance filter can be applied very flexibly - firstly, up to three workplaces can be relieved of dust at the same time by fitting hoses, and secondly, apart from coarse and fine dust filters, a HEPA filter can be used for the removal of contaminants and mould spores.

Hot components have to be cooled down prior to further processing. Transport ventilators can be employed for better ventilation and cooling acceleration. In this field, HEYLO offers several ventilators in different performanc classes.

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