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Ventilation in wine cellar

Lueftung WeinkellerThe dangerous fermentation gas of carbon dioxide (CO²) is produced during the fermentation of grape juice and mash. CO² is colour and odourless as well as approx. 1.5 times more heavy than air. Given the corresponding concentration in fermentation rooms, containers or cellars, the vitally essential oxygen is replaced. The light test with the candle, standard in former times, gives no safe indication of whether there is a CO² concentration dangerous for humans because the candle continues to burn when there is mortal danger. In case of fermentation rooms above ground level, a good cross ventilation may be sufficient. In case of rooms below ground levels, the ventilation has to be dimensioned in such a way that the room air can be replaced completely four times an hour.

Source: Accident Prevention Regulations for Fermentation Rooms VSG 2.4, Paragraph 2, publisher: Agricultural Occupational Accident Social Insurance Fund

HEYLO transport ventilators are ideally suitable for the ventilation of wine cellars. By connecting hoses to the suction and the blow-out side, fresh air can be transported also to the remotest spots or stale air can be drawn off from there as well. The ventilator is available in different performance classes from 1,154 cum/h to powerful 10,550 cum/h.


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