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Air cleaning in case of household dust

Luftreinigung HausstaubNormally numerous pathogens are present in untreated room air. Mould spores, bacteria, animal hair, and in particular household dust allergens (mite excrements, excrements), but also heavy metals, soot and mineral fibres belong to this group. Especially on warm days or during the heating period, large volumes of these suspended solids develop and are whirled up in the room air along with household dust. After inhalation, the particles get in touch with our mucous membranes, and cause the well-known allergic symptoms.

Allergy versus mites ?
According to estimates of the allergy associations in Germany, up to 5 million people suffer from an allergy against mites and allergenic household dust. Thus, the household dust allergy is the second most frequent form of allergy directly after hay fever with an increasing tendency. In the process, it is not the small mites themselves that cause the allergenic reactions, but the allergy-containing faeces. House dust mites are all over our living environment and pass their faeces everywhere. The highest concentration of allergens are measured in our bedrooms, because the mites feel well there especially and find the best conditions for reproduction. Our dead skin flakes are the nutritional basis for the mites which are present sufficiently in mattresses and bed linen. If an allergy sufferer inhales the excrements along with the room air, allergic year-round colds and chronic respiratory diseases up to asthmatic attacks may develop.

Air cleaners help in case of house-dust allergy
When developing an allergic symptom, the first measure should be to see a doctor. It is only with the medical diagnosis and further therapeutic measures that long-term effects or chronic diseases of a house-dust allergy can be prevented. In the course of the treatment, doctors will often recommend an air filter with Hepa filter, whereby the said should be in conformity with the air purifying standards, so that household dust and allergenic particles can be removed effectively from the room air.

Healthy room air
Toddlers and people suffering from respiratory problems or an allergy are affected by bad air quality. Air filter prevent allergies and, if applied correctly, provide an almost unpolluted room air.

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